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Michał Reichert, Wojciech Kozaczyński, Teresa Agnieszka Karpińska, Łukasz Bocian, Agnieszka Jasik, Anna Kycko, Małgorzata Świątkiewicz, Sylwester Świątkiewicz, Iwona Furgał-Dierżuk, Anna Arczewska-Włosek, Juliusz Strzetelski and Krzysztof Kwiatek


Histopathological examination of liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, duodenum, jejunum, skeletal muscle, and bursa of Fabricius samples, collected from broiler chickens, laying hens, fattening pigs, and calves fed genetically modified corn MON 810 and soybean meal MON-40-3-2 (Roundup Ready, RR), was performed The examination showed no significant differences between the control animals fed diets containing no genetically modified feeds and animals fed genetically modified feeds. In some cases, congestion of parenchyma and focal lymphoid cell infiltrations were observed in all dietary groups, including controls, and therefore, it was assumed that the lesions were not associated with the feeding transgenic feeds.