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  • Autor: Rastislav Róka x
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For the expansion of in-home PLC networks, it is necessary to have a detailed knowledge of the PLC transmission channel properties. This contribution shortly discusses theoretical characteristics of the RC4 reference channel. A main part is focused on the network throughput and on the interphase PLC signal liaising presented in the RC4 reference channel for higher frequencies than 10 MHz. For evaluation of considered transmission parameters, experimental measurements related to various noise sources and to interactions between different phase conductors are realized in the real in-home PLC network.


This paper deals with the integration of polarization multiplexed 16-ary quadrature amplitude modulation format in optical metropolitan networks enhanced with the signal amplification. Before expensive experimental setup or practical testing and demonstration, we prefer creating of appropriate simulation platform for the optical transmission system. A novelty can be found in adjusting, optimizing and construction of the proposed optical system and functional parts for any modulation format used. So, such simulation platform is first introduced along with possibilities for numerical simulations of its optical components - laser and amplifier. By this way, essential noise tolerances for comparison with the data under real conditions are included. Subsequently, there are characterized implementations of terminal devices in detail with a possibility for upgrading to the dual-polarization mode operation. Finally, simulation results from the simulation platform are presented and a discussion about demands for effective exploitation of the polarization multiplexed 16-ary quadrature amplitude modulation in enhanced optical metropolitan networks concludes our contribution.