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  • Autor: Nadezdha H. Hinkova x
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The aim of the study was to develop the norms for physical growth (birth weight-, birth height- and head circumference- for age) of the full-term babies born from singleton pregnancy in UMHAT „Dr. G. Stranski” – Pleven (total, by gender and gestational age at birth). A cross-sectional study was carried-out in 2017; 1092 live infants born from singleton pregnancy between 38 and 42 weeks were included in the study. We obtained information about three anthropometric measurements (birth weight-, birth height- and head circumference-for age). Data were processed by SPSS v.24.0. Norm group ranges (3, 5 and 7 groups) were developed for three indicators using percentile methods. Kruskal-Wallis test was used. The mean birth weight- and height-for age were higher for baby boys (P50, 3280 g and 50 cm) compared with baby girls (P50, 3150 g and 49 cm). Baby boys and girls weighed <2570 g at birth fell into the group ,,very slow growth” (P3). A ,,very fast growth” (P97) was found in baby boys weighed >4120 g at birth (vs. >3870 g for baby girls). Norm group ranges allow to identify the newborns with a higher risk and to focus efforts and health resources to them; it should be updated periodically.