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  • Autor: Mihajlo Stefanović x
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On The Phase Crossing Statistics and Random FM Noise in Generalized Rice Fading Channels

In this paper we consider phase process second order statistics of generalized Rice (Beckmann) multipath fading channel. Closed-form expression for JPDF of phase and random FM noise is derived. Furthermore expressions for the PDF and CDF of random FM noise are obtained. The level-crossing rate of the phase process is then obtained for any phase crossing level. Obtained expressions reduces to known ones for Hoyt, Rice and Rayleigh fading channels, since these are the special cases of generalized Rice fading channel. Moreover, derived analytical expressions are compared with results obtained by computer simulation where excellent agreement is achieved. Presented results can be applied for analyzing the statistics of FM spikes in the case of data transmission over generalized Rice fading channels.

Performance of Dual-Hop Relaying Over Shadowed Ricean Fading Channels

In this paper, an analytical approach for evaluating performance of dual-hop cooperative link over shadowed Ricean fading channels is presented. New lower bound expressions for the probability density function (PDF), cumulative distribution function (CDF) and average bit error probability (ABEP) for system with channel state information (CSI) relay are derived. Some numerical results are presented to show behavior of performance gain for the proposed system. Analytical exact and lower bound expression for the outage probability (OP) of CSI assisted relay are obtained and required numerical results are compared.