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  • Autor: Michał Smułczyński x
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The article is an investigation into strategies applied when translating Danish sentences with the directional adverb ud into Polish. The analyzed material consists of three different translations of a selection of H.C. Andersen’s fairytales into Polish, i.e. Cecylia Niewiadomska’s (1908), Stefania Beylin and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz’s (1975) and Bogusława Sochanska’s (2006). The analysis is mainly focused on the Polish equivalents of Danish sentences with the directional adverb ud. However, since only Sochanska’s translation is a direct translation from Danish into Polish (the remaining ones are translations via German) the article’s analytical part also includes a comparison of strategies applied by the individual translators. Lastly, some comments are made with regards to the semantic status of the Danish directional adverb ud and its Polish equivalents.


The live broadcast of different, socially important events is nowadays no longer reserved only for radio and television. The live-ticker, a result of various media convergence processes, is a multimodal and interactive set of institutional reports, journalists’ and politicians’ opinions, pictures, short films and social media posts, that 24/7 provides the most up-to-date information on a specific topic. The article is an investigation into the media genre live-ticker with a focus on its multimodal structure, the language-image relations, as well as aspects of hypertextuality. Finally, I want to show what the live ticker differs from similar forms of online broadcasting. The corpus are three Danish live-tickers that provided the most detailed report on the trial of the Danish entrepreneur and designer Peter Madsen:, and Madsen murdered in 2017 a Swedish journalist Kim Wall, for which he was sentenced in April 2018 to life imprisonment.