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Currently, the Internet has become a part of the everyday life of human beings. The way of communication between people has changed and social networks are dominating in the lives of everyone. One of the most used social networks is Facebook, but besides that it is used for communication and entertainment, Facebook can also be used for learning. Therefore, the main issue of this paper is the use of Facebook for educational approaches by students and teachers. Case studies are the challenges of integration of Facebook in High Education in the municipality of Kumanovo in the Republic of North Macedonia in 2016. Special emphasis is devoted in usage of Facebook in schools as the main questions were whether students use Facebook to ask for help for assignments or any material, and do teachers use Facebook to post assignments and to communicate with students. To understand this, there are conducted two questionnaires, one to students and one to teachers and interviews with school principals, and finally responses of people who participated have been analyzed. The result is that by joining Facebook in education, students are more motivated to learn, Facebook helps students to learn by sharing knowledge with each other and by using Facebook at school, teachers will find it easier to inform students.