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  • Autor: João Romeiro Hermeto x
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The concreteness of life presupposes not only death but equally the process of dying. Reflecting these Phenomena – dying and death – is necessary to make the phenomenon of life more comprehensible. Both the individual and the social life need to be confronted with the factualness of cessation. In this respect, every social form, which does not escape itself, cannot one-dimensionally celebrate life without reflecting on death. A self-conscious life-entity must (1) be able to differentiate between living and dying and recognize its own death; (2) make itself known the deviations mechanisms of this process; (3) give thought to suicide and sense its limits; (4) reveal the obstructions that daily-life represents in order to reflect on this process. The reflection of dying and death may not represent something new, it is, however, an ever-vital moment of human life.