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  • Autor: Jacek Buśkiewicz x
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A technique for path synthesis is employed to design a feeder for carrying products between two points. The feeder is assumed to be a one degree of freedom system of six links connected by means of revolute joints. The mathematical basis of the concept is presented. An exemplary solution is presented and discussed


Apart from the strength requirements, modern lighting pole designs have to meet a number of safety requirements in the event of collisions. The paper compares the experimental tests performed at the collision test track according to EN 12767 with the results of the numerical analysis carried out in Ansys LS-DYNA. The objective of the work is to prepare a new structure of a thin-walled lighting pole of steel which minimizes absorption of the kinetic energy of the vehicle and, simultaneously, its production costs are comparable to those of a standard pole. The tests were carried out at an impact speed of 100 km/h.