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This review presents the occurrence of 62 parasitic copepod species from 72 different fish species (64 wild, two cultured, seven from aquarium) from Turkey.

The parasite species list is arranged by providing parasite species name, host fish, location of host fish capture and author, date of published record.

All parasites and their hosts are confirmed with the recent systematic accounts and full taxonomic account according to literature and internet database. Siphonostomatoida with 47 species and Caligidae with 12 species are the dominant order and family among parasitic copepoda with regard to species diversity, host distribution and location.


Mothocya epimerica Costa, 1851 (Flabellifera: Cymothoidae) is a cymothoid parasite of fishes belonging to Atherinidae (Atherina hepsetus, Atherina boyeri) from Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Atlantic Ocean. recorded this parasite for the first time in Turkey. The mentioned authors presented some morphological characters, although, some characters are not explained in the publication. Some morphological characters seen on the mandible, maxilliped, maxilla, maxillue and the spines on pleopods of the female of M. epimerica are shown. The characters presented in our study are based on the drawings made from collected specimens.


In this study, the distribution and abundance of Artemia salina in 10 different stations of the Salt Lake basin were investigated. In addition, its relationship to pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, electrical conductivity and water levels were analyzed. Field studies were carried out from July to August of 2010. Artemia salina was observed in five of these stations. Artemia salina was not seen in some stations that have high electrical conductivity. It is determined that, in the station named Tersakan Lake where electrical conductivity was 154 mS/cm, Artemia salina is more abundant when compared to the other stations. But as underground water pumps that are built for the irrigation of agricultural lands decrease water levels, Artemia salina’s life is under threat.


Lepeophtheirus europaensis Zeddam, Berrebi, Renaud, Raibaut and Gabrion, 1988 (Copepoda, Siphonostomatoida, Caligidae) an ectoparasite of flatfishes, was reported for the first time in the Sea of Marmara Coasts.

Some morphological characters of this parasitic copepod are given using original photographs and drawings. The general morphology, the mouth parts (antenna, mandible, maxillule, maxilla, and maxilliped), the outgrowth developed between the post-antennary process and the antenna, the setal and spinal formula from first leg to fourth leg in this study are compatible according to the specific literature.