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  • Autor: J. C. A. Briones x
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Three acanthocephalan parasites, namely Neoechinorhynchus (Neoechinorhynchus) quinghaiensis, Rhadinorhynchus ganapatti, and Bolbosoma sp. are reported for the first time from Philippine fishes. N. (N.) quinghaiensis (Neoechinorhynchidae) may have been introduced into the country through the importation of carp species from China, where this parasite was first described and is presumed to be naturally occurring. The adult worms of R. ganapatti and the isolated cystacanth of Bolbosoma sp. represent the first record of parasites from both the family Rhadinorhynchidae and Polymorphidae in Philippine waters, respectively. These three new records encompass a third of all listed acanthocephalan parasites that have been reported in Philippine fish species to date, highlighting the need for more biodiversity-focused parasitology research, in light of potentially numerous more undocumented parasite species.