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A Case Study of a New Spot Welding Electrode Which has the Best Current Density by Magnetic Analysis Solutions

At the present time work of spot welding is being broadly used at automotive applications which need serial production process and at part unification. In order to create a high quality spot welding time of welding, electric current intensity, junction, stress, and diameter of electrodes point must be considered earlier, Geometry of electrode point and current density are important for increasing quality at spot welding. In this study, Enose, Bnose and parabolic (ParaCap) type electrode geometries have been considered during design processes. Meanwhile, CMW 73, CMW 100, CMW 353, Elkaloy D, Elkaloy 20, Copper alloyed electrode types have been analyzed by using a magnetic analyzes software. The results helped to determine the best suitable electrode type which gives the best current density amongst different alloys and electrode shapes for the spot welding machines which have same diameter of electrode point.