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The Pension System in Slovenia in Light of Current International Macroeconomic Changes and Trends

The paper presents the results of a study that sheds light on the pension system and its dilemmas in Slovenia in light of current international macroeconomic changes and trends. We found that Slovenia has a pension system similar to that of other comparable economies (with the exception of the second pillar) and that it currently faces similar dilemmas as other economies that are resulting in inevitable reforms of the pension system. On the basis of international comparison and current demographic trends in Slovenia we proposed some policy recommendations for future reforms of the pension system in Slovenia.

Is Public Debt Management in Slovenia Efficient: An Empirical Analysis

Public debt management is one of basic fiscal functions the government performs. Public debt usually comprises a large share of nation's gross domestic product and is therefore an important instrument of fiscal policy. The purpose of this paper is to shed light on public debt management in Slovenia. Our goal was to estimate and present effects of debt management transactions performed by Slovenian Debt management office from year 2002 onwards. We found that these transactions had significant and positive effects on costs of public debt and also on its dynamics: they caused the turn in interest payments' trend and lowered the dynamics of upward-sloping trend of public debt.