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We introduce an open-source implementation of a machine translation API server. The aim of this software package is to enable anyone to run their own multi-engine translation server with neural machine translation engines, supporting an open API for client applications. Besides the hub with the implementation of the client API and the translation service providers running in the background we also describe an open-source demo web application that uses our software package and implements an online translation tool that supports collecting translation quality comparisons from users.


In this article, we describe a tool for visualizing the output and attention weights of neural machine translation systems and for estimating confidence about the output based on the attention.

Our aim is to help researchers and developers better understand the behaviour of their NMT systems without the need for any reference translations. Our tool includes command line and web-based interfaces that allow to systematically evaluate translation outputs from various engines and experiments. We also present a web demo of our tool with examples of good and bad translations: