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Determination of 16 Elements in Tobacco by Neutron Activation Analysis


The determination of 16 elements in raw tobacco by neutron activation analysis is discussed. The 8 elements Al, Ca, Mg, Cl, Mn, K, Na and Br can be determined by purely instrumental means; this leads to a high sample capacity per working day and to a fast availability of analyticaI results. Contrary to this, the determination of the heavy metals Hg, Cu, Mo, Cd, Zn, Co, As and Sb has to be preceded by chemicaI separation which is accomplished by extractions with different metal-diethyldithiocarbamates as reagents. The variation coefficient is typically ± 4 %. The Iowest and highest values of the concentrations which were found in the analysis of 20 different raw tobaccos are given.

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