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  • Autor: Ádám Skribanek x
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Examination of Acacia-Tree Gasification Process Under Varying Operating Parameters


This paper presents the thermokinetic modeling of the gasification process performed on the acacia-tree under varying operating circumstances and different humidity levels. Gasification does not produce flue gas, but due to imperfect burning, synthesis gas appears which is rich in flammable components (CO2 and H2). The chemical structure of this gas depends on the components of the fuel and the humidity level, but is also greatly affected by the technological parameters, such as pressure and temperature, as well as the air-ratio. The study shows the change of chemical composition, fuel value and the reaction efficiency as a function of varying gasification temperature and pressure. Rising temperature results in improved efficiency, while higher pressure worsens reaction efficiency. However, at higher temperature intervals, the effect of the pressure is neglectable.

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