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The Impact of Methods of Forming on the Mechanical Properties of Fiber-reinforced Polymer-matrix Composite Materials


The aim of this paper was to analyze how different techniques of production of fibrous composite materials affect the quality and strength properties of composite laminates. In this study, we use experimental data concerning a composite fabricated with the by hand lay-up and vacuum bagging method. The composites have a polyester matrix (Firestop 8175-w-1) reinforced with mate-glass fiber fabric [0/90/0/90] E glass fiber, respectively. The process parameters and criteria were determined before the samples were cut, namely the amount and soaking time of the composite with the polymer resin.

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Risk Analysis and Setting Priorities in Air Traffic Control by Using a Matrix of Similarities


This article considers how mathematical decision-making in Air Traffic Control could be done in order to minimize the risk of collisions. An example of how to prioritize airplanes which are in the vicinity of an airport according to their level of risk in respect to other airplanes is given by using a matrix of similarities and Euclidean metric. The analysis has shown that it is necessary to classify ATC specialists and ATC centers according to their ability to provide safe enough service using time methods and highly experienced team work.

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