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Age-related differences in the morphology of the impedance cardiography signal


Impedance cardiography (ICG) is a non-invasive method of hemodynamic measurement, mostly known for estimation of stroke volume and cardiac output based on characteristic features of the signal. Compared with electrocardiography, the knowledge on the morphology of the ICG signal is scarce, especially with respect to age-dependent changes in ICG waveforms. Based on recordings from ten younger (20–29 years) and ten older (60–79) healthy human subjects after three different levels of physical activity, the typical interbeat ICG waveforms were derived based on ensemble averages. Comparison of these waveforms between the age groups indicates the following differences: a later initial upward deflection for the younger group, an additional hump in the waveform from many older subjects not presented in the younger group, and a more pronounced second wave in the younger group. The explanation for these differences is not clear, but may be related to arterial stiffness. Further studies are suggested to determine whether these morphological differences have clinical value.

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