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New challenges for the Aluminium alloys used for the production of castings for automotive engine components result from an evolutionary trend of internal combustion engines towards higher specific power output. Cylinder heads, in particular, have to withstand higher operating temperature and stress levels. Present work describes quality control of microstructure (Si-morphologhy and Si-size) and mechanical properties (UTS, elongation, Brinell hardness) of cylinder head casting as effect of different T6 heat treatment (solution heat treatment time - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hours). The data obtained from this study will be used to improve process control, and to help the selection of heat treatment of the casting for future products.


Rational and efficient use of thermal energy in recent years has resulted in significant changes in the heating system as well as technological progress. In order to design a heating system properly and exploit it correctly, an in-depth understanding of the hydraulic issues is necessary. Application of automatic control system in various sectors of heating network has resulted in a more dynamic and efficient work of the whole system. For proper operation of a thermal system it is also necessary to compile a correct heat balance and a regulation graph that allows to determine the optimal mass and parameters of heat medium. The article discusses the problems of supplying heat process, types of thermal systems and selected problems of hydraulic issues that occur in the heating networks.