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Accounting Journals: Scopus, Web of Science, SCImago

This book is a full guidebook among more than 218 accounting international journals with an evaluation of 3,000 publications for over the last two years. It aims to help readers for selecting an appropriate journal for publishing own research in the international arena or to find the required topic for conducting further investigating or to be informed about so large-scale science as accounting. Here a reader will find detailed information about accounting journals in terms of Scopus, Web of Science and SCImago databases. In addition, there are highlighted accounting journals in terms of IFRS and blockchain concentration in accounting researches nowadays. The relevant aims and scope of each journal are also presented. Anyway, this book is an indispensable assistant for students while getting the “Accounting” specialization, as well as teachers and scientists while conducting empirical researches in the practice and theory of the accounting filed.

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Liudmyla Shkulipa Ph.D.: National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Auditing; Department of Accounting and Taxation
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