The conducted EMI in DC-DC converters

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This book presents the phenomena of conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI) generation in DC-DC converters. The measurement and simulation are used to analyze the impact of the most important parameters on the character, level and propagation path of interference. In this book, the analysis of the interference generation and propagation is presented on the example of three basic converters.
The wide banded behavior of all components is presented including basic elements and its parasitic and the connection layout. It focuses on the influence of parasitic components on the nature of interference in the frequency domain up to 30MHz was carried out. The book includes practical design and operation tips that will help to reduce the EMI. It provides useful knowledge about designing of the converters with the low level of outgoing EMI. They were obtained in original research and published in scientific articles by the author.

Piotr Musznicki: Gdansk University of Technology / Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering

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