The Post-Human Society

Elemental Contours of the Aesthetic Economy of the United States

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Post-Humanism, American culture, Materialism-Amorality

The Post-Human Society is a rich, unique, path-breaking, belletristic and literary 'crie de coeur' work - a lyrical expose of all the internal infelicities (social, political, aesthetic) of the United States of America.

In its vivid contrasting of the mores of competition, avarice, and greed to communitarian, co-respecting and co-operative values, it abounds with colorful, vibrant, breathtaking images and tropes.

Utilizing a novel, First Person Narrative, the author Rajani Kanth offers a poignant critique of the rabid, runaway materialism that has been the bane of all modernist, European societies, to date. It is evocative in its approach to the fading genre of the iconic anthropology/sociology classics of the yesteryear.

Ultimately, it is a critique of the ruling ethos of our times: Eurocentrism - i.e., selfish and acquisitive materialism, of which the contemporary USA is the trend-setter and the unchallenged gold standard.

DR. RAJANI KANTH has an MA in Social Anthropology from the Delhi School of Economics, India, and a PhD in Economics from the New School for Social Research, New York, USA. After serving as Economic Advisor to the UN in New York, he taught as University Professor, and is currently based at Harvard University.

Author information:

Rajani, Kanth, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA


“Wonderfully done. The last Chapter was particularly poignant…wonderful to read at least something that can penetrate the fog.”
Noam Chomsky, MIT

"..written in a rich prose which often reminded of the passionate early pages of Lawrence’s “Women in Love”"
Roger Owen, Harvard University

"Few economics books show originality nowadays. But Dr. Rajani Kanth's work is a great exception. It is a thoughtful critique of current society and its institutions. The Post Human Society is well worth reading, researching and commenting."
Ravi Batra, Professor, Southern Methodist University, and New-York Times Best-Selling Author

"This book you are holding is written with passion and clarity, a rare combination. Dr. Rajani Kanth is one of the most versatile interdisciplinary thinker today and his scathing review of today's economic and social scene will surely resonate with everyone who cares. Scattered among the lines is also the hint of remedies. Read this book; it will make you think."
Amit Goswami, Ph.D.Quantum Physicist , featured in the Films: "The Quantum Activist", and "What the Bleep do We Know"

Full book review of R. Kanth. 2015. "The Post-Human Society: Elemental Contours of the Aesthetic Economy of the U.S. "
by Tung-Yi Kho, School of Oriental and African Studies, UK and Renmin University, China

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Target Group: American Studies Departments, English Departments, Area Studies, Sociologists, Anthropologists, General reading public.