On the Taxonomy of the Genera Sesapa and Nipponasura (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae)

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Statuses of the lithosiinae genera Sesapa Walker, 1854 and Nipponasura Inoue, 1965 are revised, Sesapa is treated as a valid distinct genus and Nipponasura is downgraded here as a subgenus of Sesapa. Male and female genitalia of Sesapa and male vesica of Nipponasura are described and illustrated for the fi rst time. A new combination is established: Sesapa (Sesapa) sanguinea (Moore, 1877), comb. n. Sesapa (Nipponasura) inouei Volynkin, nom. n. is introduced as replacement name for Nipponasura sanguinea Inoue, 1965.

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