A New Species of Hendrella (Diptera, Tephritidae) from South-Eastern Iran

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The genus Hendrella Munro, 1938 hitherto was known to include 8 species occurring in the Palaearctic Region. All species of known biology are associated with Artemisia spp. (Asteraceae). An additional species with similar biology, H. kermanensis sp. n., recently discovered in Iran is described. It is very similar to H. caloptera in the coloration of antenna and femora, as well as presence of one hyaline spot in cell r1, but differs from it by the shape of the first flagellomere and also by the wing pattern details. Larvae of H. kermanensis sp. n. induce stem galls in Artemisia aucheri Boiss. of the tribe Anthemideae (Asteraceae).

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