A New Species of the Genus Tephritis (Diptera, Tephritidae) with Shining Abdominal Tergites from Kyrgyzstan

S. V. Korneyev 1
  • 1 , NAS of Ukraine, 01030, Kyiv, Ukraine


Tephritis heringinella sp. n. associated with Helichrysum sp. (Asteraceae) in Kyrgyzstan is described. The new species share shiny black abdominal tergites with species of Tephritis corolla-sauterina group and the species currently assigned to Heringina Aczél, differing from the Tephritis corolla-sauterina group by the details of wing pattern and from Heringina spp. also with the aculeus shape. Possible phylogenetic relationships of Tephritis heringinella and Heringina are discussed.

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