First Records of the Fruit Flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) in the Fauna of Iran

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As a result of studies on fruit flies in Iran during 2013-2015, two genera (Eurasimona Korneyev & White 1991 and Inuromaesa Korneyev & White 1991) and eight species: Eurasimona stigma (Loew, 1840) Inuromaesa maura (Frauenfeld, 1857), Myopites inulaedyssentericae Blot, 1827, Oxyna flavipennis (Loew, 1846), Terellia ermolenkoi Korneyev, 1985, T. odontolophi Korneyev 1993, T. pseudovirens (Hering, 1940), and Euleia kovalevi (Korneyev 1991), are recorded for the first time from Iran. The host plants, collection data as well as general distribution and diagnostic characters of them are given. Detailed illustrated redescription for T. ermolenkoi previously known from a unique holotype male is provided. The presence of Noeeta pupillata (Fallén, 1814) in the fauna of Iran is confirmed.

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