Physical Properties of Potato Tubers CV. Analytic Cultivated in Iran

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Physical Properties of Potato Tubers CV. Analytic Cultivated in Iran

The objective of the experiments was to study some physical properties of potato tubers, such as dimensions, weight, projected area, sliding and rolling friction properties, in order to determine the best post-harvest options. Mean values of weight, length, width, thickness and CPA were 136.69 g, 78.99 mm, 57.12 mm, 50.44 mm, and 33.12 cm2, respectively. The lowest values of the coefficients of rolling and sliding friction were obtained for sheet glass. Tuber mass was predicted based on the dimensions, projected area and volume. Linear models and nonlinear models were investigated. The results indicated that best model for predicting tuber mass was based on projected area with R2= 0.99.

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