Plant extracts effect on sICAM-1 release form human corneal cells / Wpływ ekstraktów roślinnych na poziom sICAM-1 po inkubacji ludzkich komórek rogówki

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Intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1), a cell surface glycoprotein, has been found to be associated with immunopathological processes within the eye. Expression of ICAM-1 is upregulated during inflammatory diseases and its soluble form (sICAM-1) was shown to be elevated in patients with ocular inflammatory and infectious disorders.

The purpose of the present study was to analyse sICAM-1 level after human corneal cells (10.014 pRSV-T cell line) in vitro with ethanol, ethyl acetate and heptane extracts of three herbs (Lamium album , Euphrasia officinalis and Aloe vera ). Ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts altered sICAM-1 level depending on herb, solvent and extract concentration applied. Heptane extract of each plant caused only concentration-dependent decrease of sICAM-1 level when added to the corneal cell culture.

Concluding, the analysed plant extracts, after further tests, could be considered as supplementary compounds of eye drops, in order to attain reduction of inflammatory responses during ocular diseases.

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