The Fifth International Conference on Uniform Distribution Theory (UDT 2016) Sopron, Hungary, July 5–8, 2016

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This volume contains papers originally presented or inspired by the Fifth International Conference on Uniform Distribution Theory which was held in Sopron, Hungary, July 5-8, 2016.

[1] Christoph Aistleitner: A cheap proof of Hinrichs’ theorem

[2] Vladimír Baláž-Jana Fialová-Ladislav Mišík, Oto Strauch: Weighted sum-of-digits function

[3] István Berkes: Trigonometric series with random frequencies

[4] Bence Borda: The number of lattice points in irrational polytopes

[5] Andrej Dujella: There are infinitely many rational Diophantine sextuples

[6] El Houcein El Abdalaoui: On the spectral Banach problem from the Scottish book and ats polynomials

[7] Ferdinánd Filip-József Bukor-János T. Tóth: The structure of weighted densities

[8] Mikhail Gabdullin: On squares in special sets in finite fields

[9] Vassil Grozdanov-Vesna Dimitrievska Ristovska: On the (WGh,φ;α;β;γ)-diaphony of the net of Zaremba-Halton over finite groups (not presented)

[10] Katalin Gyarmati: On the complexity of a family of Legendre sequences with irreducible polynomials

[11] Kálmán Győry: General efective diophantine results over finitely generated domains (not presented)

[12] János Folláth-Tamás Herendi: On construction of sequences with Gaussian distribution

[13] Roswitha Hofer: Uniform distribution modulo one of generalized polynomials

[14] Gyula Károlyi: Irregularities of distribution with respect to round convex regions in the plane

[15] Oleg Karpenkov:Combinatorics ofMinkowski-Voronoi multidimensional continued fractions

[16] Imre Kátai: Strongly UD mod 1 sequences, strongly q-ary normal numbers

[17] Sergei Konyagin: The Smallest simultaneous power nonresidue modulo a prime

[18] Ralph Kritzinger: Symmetrized point sets in the unit square with small Lp discrepancy

[19] Helene Laimer: Reduced fast component-by-component constructions of lattice point sets

[20] Gerhard Larcher: On discrepancy estimates for sequences

[21] Florian Luca: Consecutive integers divisible by the number of their divisors

[22] Manfred G. Madritsch: Multidimensional Heilbronn sets

[23] Máté Matolcsi: Sets avoiding quadratic or cubic residues in cyclic groups

[24] Christian Mauduit: The subsequence of Thue-Morse sequence along squares is normal

[25] László Mérai: On the linear complexity of automatic sequences

[26] Ladislav Mišík-János T. Tóth: Subsequences with prescribed distribution

[27] Radhakrishnan Nair: On distribution of subsequences of the natural numbers on the p-adic integers

[28] Werner Georg Nowak: Estimates for single exponential sums

[29] Friedrich Pillichshammer: Lp-discrepancy and beyond of higher order digital sequences

[30] János Pintz: Some problems of Erdős about consecutive gaps between primes

[31] Štefan Porubský: A geometric approach to properties of sequences nα

[32] Sudhir Pujahari: Distribution of gaps between equidistributed sequences

[33] Joël Rivat: On the digits of prime numbers

[34] Imre Ruzsa: Differences and multiple sums

[35] Richárd Sebők: On imbalanced pseudorandom binary lattices

[36] Ilya Shkredov: On additive decomposition of multiplicative subgroups

[37] Iurii Shteinikov: On the product sets of rational numbers

[38] Raivydas Šiménas: On the distribution of the a-values of the Selberg zeta-function

[39] Oto Strauch: Mahler’s conjecture on ξ(3/2)n mod 1

[40] Robert Tichy: Uniform distribution and optimal transport

[41] Artem Uvakin: About two-dimensional sums’ generalization

[42] Jean-Louis Verger-Gaugry: Dynamical zeta functions, asymptotic expansions and Perron numbers from trinomials

[43] Arne Winterhof: Expansion complexity and linear complexity of sequences over finite fields

Uniform distribution theory

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