On the Conjecture of Lehmer, Limit Mahler Measure of Trinomials and Asymptotic Expansions

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Let n ≥ 2 be an integer and denote by θn the real root in (0, 1) of the trinomial Gn(X) = −1 + X + Xn. The sequence of Perron numbers (θn1)n2 tends to 1. We prove that the Conjecture of Lehmer is true for {θn1|n2} by the direct method of Poincaré asymptotic expansions (divergent formal series of functions) of the roots θn, zj,n, of Gn(X) lying in |z| < 1, as a function of n, j only. This method, not yet applied to Lehmer’s problem up to the knowledge of the author, is successfully introduced here. It first gives the asymptotic expansion of the Mahler measures M(Gn)=M(θn)=M(θn1) of the trinomials Gn as a function of n only, without invoking Smyth’s Theorem, and their unique limit point above the smallest Pisot number. Comparison is made with Smyth’s, Boyd’s and Flammang’s previous results. By this method we obtain a direct proof that the conjecture of Schinzel-Zassenhaus is true for {θn1|n2}, with a minoration of the house , and a minoration of the Mahler measure M(Gn) better than Dobrowolski’s one. The angular regularity of the roots of Gn, near the unit circle, and limit equidistribution of the conjugates, for n tending to infinity (in the sense of Bilu, Petsche, Pritsker), towards the Haar measure on the unit circle, are described in the context of the Erdős-Turán-Amoroso-Mignotte theory, with uniformly bounded discrepancy functions.

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