Case Study of the Impact of the Co2 Emissions Trend from Transport on the External Costs in Slovakia and Slovenia

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Transport is one of the human activities that increases the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. CO2 is the main cause of global warming and contribute for around 80 % of all greenhouse gas emissions. The paper presents CO2 production based on the amount of sold fuel in Slovakia and Slovenia. Based on the obtained data, the calculations about the production of CO2 according to the type of fuel was made. The conducted research has focused on the issue of traffic congestion and to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 % in total by 2030, as Slovakia and Slovenia concluded an agreement with other EU members in 2009. External costs calculation was made with average price of 1 tonne emission credit in 2016 and with presumed average price in 2019. The case study takes into account the consumption of the gasoline and diesel in transport throughout all Slovakia and in Slovenia.

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