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In this paper there are given problems from the Unsolved Problems Section on the homepage of the journal Uniform Distribution Theory <http://www.boku.ac.at/MATH/udt/unsolvedproblems.pdf> It contains 38 items and 5 overviews collected by the author and by Editors of UDT. They are focused at uniform distribution theory, more accurate, distri- bution functions of sequences, logarithm of primes, Euler totient function, van der Corput sequence, ratio sequences, set of integers of positive density, exponen- tial sequences, moment problems, Benford’s law, Gauss-Kuzmin theorem, Duffin- Schaeffer conjecture, extremes fQ fQ F(x,y)dg(x,y) over copulas g(x,y), sum- -of-digits sequence, etc. Some of them inspired new research activities. The aim of this printed version is publicity.

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