Independent Theatre as a Manifestation of Identity. Study Case: Minorities’ Theatre

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Theatre as an institution and form of contemporary art encourages freedom and creativity, attracts free spirits and visions and it should be a physical and spiritual space in which you can find and express your identity at the same time. If in the state system decisions on the budget are taken at a political level and those on the repertoire have to take into account a whole organizational scheme and a large audience, in the independent space, tolerance, acceptance of differences, encouragement of minorities of any kind to express themselves through art, as long as there are talent and ideas that can be transposed in a scenic way, the debate of the taboo subjects for the society should be a priority. Even if financially the independent artists are working on truly desirable projects and with funding that sometimes comes from the state, the constraints that are reflected on the final product are not as large as in the state system, there is no repertoire to be respected. Of course, the productions in the independent environment have to attract audiences, but performances and experiments are getting faster to the public. In Romania, political theatre, community theatre, the theatre that militates for important causes needs courageous artists, artists who use their imagination, their creativity, their critical voice for causes that few believe in. The intimacy that independent spaces can offer to the artists and to the public to create a bond and to reveal their existential fears, aesthetical and ethical principles to which they adhere, makes these spaces a fertile ground for original artistic projects such as Giuvlipen.

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