The Effects of Moxibustion on Serum Interleukins and T Cell Subset in H.polyri Infected Rats

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Objective: to observe the effects of moxibustion on histomorphological changes of gastric mucosa, as well as on serum IL-6、IL-8、TNF-α,Hp IgG、CD3+、CD4+、CD8+ in helicobacter pylori (Hp) infected rats, so that to better understand how the moxibustion repairs the Hp- induced gastric mucosal injury.

Methods: 40 SD rats were randomly assigned to four groups: group A (blank control), group B (Hp infection model), group C (moxibustion plus model), group D (electro-acupuncture plus model), 10 for each group. The “NaHCO3 plus Indometacin and Hp intragastric administration” method was employed to make gastritis model. Acupoints selected for “repair” purpose were Zu San Li (ST36), Zhong Wan (CV12), Guan Yuan (RN4), Pi Shu (BL20), Wei Shu(BL21). The histomorphological changes of gastric mucosa in rats were observed under light microscope after HE stain; IL-6, IL-8, TNF-α, Hp IgG values were evaluated by ELISA method; values of CD3+、CD4+、CD8+、CD4+/CD8+ were measured by flow cytometry method.

Results: compared with group A, the values of IL-6, IL-8, TNF-α, Hp IgG and CD8+ in group B were increased(P<0.01), whereas the values of CD3+、CD4+、CD4+/CD8+ were decreased(P<0.01). Compared with group B, the values of IL-8(P<0.05),TNF-α(P<0.05), IL-6(P<0.01), Hp IgG(P<0.01) and CD8+ (P<0.05) in group C were decreased, whereas the values of CD3+(P<0.05),CD4+(P<0.05),CD4+/CD8+ (P<0.05) were increased, meanwhile such values in group D had no significant changes. Compared with group D, the values of IL-6(P<0.05),IL-8 (P<0.05)and Hp IgG (P<0.01)in group C were decreased, whereas CD4+/CD8+(P<0.05)were increased, all those changes had statistical significance.

Conclusion: the preventive and therapeutic effects of moxibustion on Hp related gastritis might be realized by two ways- to inhibit the secretion of proinflammatory cytokines such as IL-6, IL-8 and TNF-α, or to regulate the production of immune factors (such as up-regulation of CD3+, CD4+ and down-regulation of CD8+).

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