The Role of Performance Pyramid in Sports Management Case Study - The Athletics Section in CSM Onesti

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Sport represents the joy of living, to succeed, to self-exceed! Whereas the Romanian sport is at a crossroads, regarding the fewer and fewer number of children who want to practice a sport, as well as the economic situation in which it is situated, the goal of reviving the entire sports activity and to bring it to the top where Romania stayed many years in the past becomes a must. In this sense, there must be found solutions and proper strategies that lead to its revival. This issue requires a systemic approach capable to reestablish “the pyramid of sport performance” on functional principles. The present thesis is a way of organizing sports activities at club’s level, wards, groups, based on the performance pyramid, in order to achieve a high performance management, which is part of the sports reform, ranging from all of its forms, such as: human resources, financial, material, taking into account modern mechanisms (for attraction and use of resources considering the means which are available and necessary).

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