Monitoring of indoor air quality in Macedonian homes during summer season

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Measurements of indoor air quality (IAQ) factors in Macedonian homes were aimed at the determination of indoor air temperature, relative humidity, sound pressure level, particulate matters (PMs) and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). IAQ monitoring were performed in 25 houses during summer period. Results pointed out that sound pressure level were high in most of the houses with mean values of 66.60 dB (A) - 55.30 dB (A). Limit value of 40 dB (A) was exceeded in 72% of houses. Mean values of indoor air temperature and relative humidity ranged from 21.6°C to 28.6°C and from 35.8% to 60.2%, respectively. Mean concentrations of particulate matter concentrations ranged between 9.75 μg/m3 - 71.73 μg/m3 and 23.63 μg/m3 - 145.10 μg/m3 for PM2.5 and PM10, respectively. Level of PM10 were high in 30% of the monitored houses. 56% of houses achieved higher concentration of PM2.5 than permissible value of 25 μg/m3. Excessive presence of TVOC was recorded in monitored homes with mean values from 260 ppm to 791 ppm. Results show that high exposure by noise, concentrations of TVOC and PMs in indoor air can affect family house users. Therefore, the indoor air quality needs to be investigated and people need to be informed about possible health consequences.

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