Realization of the Teaching of Physical Education in the Uzice Gymnasium from Establishment to the First World War (1839-1914)

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Citizens of Uzice received a high school in 1839 for the first time by moving the semi-grammar school from Cacak. After three years, in 1842, the semi-grammar school moved from Užice to Čačak. Twenty-three years have passed until the reopening of the semi-grammar school in Uzice. With minor interruptions in work, caused primarily by war conflicts, the School worked until the beginning of the First World War in 1914.

This research sought to learn about the realization of physical education in Uzice High School since its foundation until the beginning of the First World War. The aim of the research was to find out the time of introduction of physical education in Uzice Gymnasium and its realization in that period, in all its important elements (teaching program and its performance, teachers, material resources, equipment). In this research, a historical method was used.

Teaching of physical education (body-education, guided tutoring and gymnastics) in Uzice High School was not realized in the period from 1839 to 1878.

The first data relating to the attempt to introduce physical education in the Gymnasium of Uzice dated back to 1874. In school year of 1878/79 In the course of the year, the teaching of physical education began within the curriculum, which, at the beginning of the school year was reviewed and adopted by the school's professor council.

By bringing and adopting a curriculum for gymnastics and military exercises from 1882 to 1990, the realization of teaching has characteristics of militarized training. After 1890, there was a period in which there was no teaching of physical education.

With the opening of the newly built building of Gymnasium in 1893, the conditions for a better implementation of the curricula of physical education, which were prescribed by the Ministry of Education, were met.

When Josif Jehlichka came to Gymnasium in Uzice to the invitation of the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Serbia, in 1911, as a teacher of gymnastics, a significant rise in the realization of the teaching of physical education in Uzice High School was made.

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