Original research article. Values of a Sign in the Theory and Philosophy of Physical Culture in Matić Work

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The 80th anniversary of the birth of dr Milivoje Matić is a trigger for a reassessment of his contribution to physical culture. By individually analysing Matić’s contributions in each of his works between 1961 and 1998, we come to the conclusion that in some of his publications exist sparks of “philosophical fragments”, which are necessary for comprehending the author’s belief that Matić has made it possible to discuss a possibility of a philosophical aspect and a constitution of the philosophy of physical culture in our country. M. Matić gives pointers which signify an event which would be prognostic on a permanent progress in our profession, in the context of education as a whole, domestically and abroad.

In this discussion, the topic of Matić’s contribution to the analysis of physical education in the philosophy of physical culture, and in the context of the sign of direction in the domestic education reform, the domestic physical education reform should be observed and analysed from the aspect of transversal connections which repeatedly link deliberation of the theory and practice of physical education.

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