Modelling equilibrium data for manganese(II) sorption onto manganese dioxide modified chalcedonite using the non-linear regression method

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Modelling equilibrium data for manganese(II) sorption onto manganese dioxide modified chalcedonite using the non-linear regression method

Manganese dioxide is characterized by the acidic type of surface and high value of negative surface charge. It shows sorption and oxidation properties to such pollutants as heavy metals, radionuclides, arsenate(III), iodide. In the water conditioning technology it is used to modify various materials, including chalcedonite, which was the subject of the research presented in this paper. The manganese(II) equilibrium sorption was modeled using the non-linear regression method and basing on the Langmuir, Freundlich, Redlich-Peterson as well as pseudo-Langmuir isotherm equations. The determination of the isotherm equations parameters was run in two ways: by the minimization of the sum of the squared errors (SSE) as well as the minimization of the average relative error (ARE). The experimental data was best described in the Langmuir's isotherm equation, with the determination coefficient r2 = 0.916. The calculated parameters of the equation equaled: qm = 1.07 mg/g and b = 1.55 L//mg. The three-parameter equations of Redlich-Peterson and pseudo-Langmuir, assuming the possibility of multilayer sorption, came down to the Langmuir's equation. It serves as proof of monolayer sorption of manganese(II) onto manganese dioxide modified chalcedonite.

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