Investigating the Impact of Commitment, Satisfaction, and Loyalty of Employees on Providing High-Quality Service to Customer

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The aim of the research was to examine the effects of satisfaction and commitment of employees on the employees’ loyalty and to investigate the effect of employees’ loyalty on quality of services provided for customers. This research is applied in terms of objective and correlational type of descriptive-survey in terms of data collection. Population of the research includes two groups. The first group included employees providing service to customers of Ports and Maritime Organization of Bushehr (Iran) and the second group included customers receiving the services of the organization. From both groups, 250 people were selected using available sampling method to respond to questions of the research. To test the research conceptual model and research hypotheses, structural equation modeling was used. The results showed that job satisfaction of employees have significant positive effect on organizational commitment of employees. Also, job satisfaction and organizational commitment of employees have significant positive effect on their loyalty to organization. In addition, organizational loyalty of employees has positive and significant impact on improving the quality of customer service. Therefore, organizations should make their effort to recruit employees who are suitable for their activities.

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