Assessing the Possibility of Implementing Tools of Technical Analysys for Real Estate Market Analysis

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Technical analysis (TA) and its different aspects are widely used to study the capital market. In the traditional approach, this analysis is used to determine the probability of changes in current rates on the basis of their past changes, accounting for factors which had, have or may have an influence on shaping the supply and demand of a given asset. In the practical sense, TA is a set of techniques used for assessing the value of an asset based on the analysis of the asset's trajectories as well as statistical tools.

The work assumes three research objectives: 1) a review of tools applied in technical analysis, 2) an attempt at implementing selected tools of technical analysis for analyzing the real estate market (REM), 3) an assessment of the possibilities of implementing selected tools for assessing the real estate market on the example of the Olsztyn residential real estate market. The research hypothesis is a presumption regarding the possibility of implementing tools used in traditional technical analysis for the analysis of the real estate market accounting for the natural limitations and specifics of the market.

The work extends scientific achievements in the part regarding the methods and tools of analyzing the real estate market as well as the connections between the real estate market and the capital market.

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