Evaluation Results of Finnish Apple Rootstocks in Latvia

Laila Ikase 1 , Edgars Rubauskis 1 ,  and Zanda Rezgale 2
  • 1 Institute of Horticulture, Latvia University of Agriculture, Graudu 1, Ceriņi, Krimūnu pag., Dobeles nov., LV-3701, , Latvia
  • 2 Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre Ltd., Struktoru 14a, Riga LV-1039, , Latvia


A trial was established in 2011 with five rootstocks - MTT1, MTT4 and control B.9 (1.5 × 4 m, five replications with two trees), MTT5 and control MM.106 (2.5 × 5 m, six replications with two trees), and two cultivars - ‘Auksis’ and ‘Gita’. The evaluated parameters were: tree general condition, flowering, and yielding intensity (points), number of root suckers, average yield (kg·tree-1), yield per trunk cross section area (g·cm-2), average fruit mass (g), and amount of non-standard fruits (%). A randomised fruit sample from each cultivar-rootstock combination was put into storage, and a panel taste was performed once each season. A snowless winter occurred in 2013/2014, when soil froze to 1.5 m depth, which was critical for MM.106. Other rootstocks did not show injury. The best results were obtained for MTT4, which was similar to that of M.26 in Finland. Its vigour was similar to MM.106, and start of bearing to B.9. Rootstock MTT5 was initially grouped with medium vigour MM.106, as having 60-80 % of vigour of ‘Antonovka’ seedlings in Finland. Yet in our trial, it had vigour and start of bearing was similar to that of B.9 or slightly larger, depending on cultivar; it has a tendency to form root suckers. MTT1, ranged with B.9 in Finland, had too weak vigour. The most promising cultivar-rootstock combination was ‘Gita’ on MTT4.

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