Suitability of ‘Jonagold’ Apple Clones for Commercial Growing in Lithuania

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Seven apple clones of cv. ‘Jonagold’: ‘Red Jonaprince’, ‘Jonagold Boerekamp’, ‘Jonagored Supra’, ‘Jonaveld’, ‘Jonagold DeCoster’, ‘Jonagold Novajo’ and ‘Jonabel’ were tested at the Institute of Horticulture in Babtai in 2003-2011. Significant differences among cv. ‘Jonagold’ clones were recorded in yield, fruit quality parameters and winter hardiness. The highest total yield was recorded for cvs. ‘Jonagold Boerekamp’ and ‘Red Jonaprince’, the lowest for cv. ‘Jonagold Novajo’. Average fruit weight of cv. ‘Jonagold Novajo’ was significantly lower. ‘Red Jonaprince’ fruits had the best colouration. ‘Jonagored Supra’ fruits had the best appearance according to the test panel. During winter 2009-2010, 30% of ‘Red Jonaprince’ trees suffered frost damage. No losses were recorded for ‘Jonagored Supra’. During the experiment tree losses due to frost and disease damages were 25-60% and depended on the clone.

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