The Northernmost Populations of Tetraspora Gelatinosa (Chlorophyta) from Spitsbergen

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This article describes the morphological characteristics of the populations of green alga, Tetraspora gelatinosa, growing in the stressful Arctic conditions (77°00’22” N, 015°32’54.33” E). We present the first detailed morphological characteristics of this spe-cies from such a high latitude. Populations from both stagnant and flowing waters were studied. Depending on the type of habitat, their mucilaginous colonies (thalli) have differ-ent shapes, but the structure, size and the placement of the vegetative cells, akinetes and ameboid forms, as well as the pseudocilia morphology of both populations, were very simi-lar. Literature data on the distribution of T. gelatinosa indicate that it is a cosmopolitan spe-cies. Our data are compared with some characteristic features of this species growing in dif-ferent geographical and climatic zones. No significant differences were found in the morphology of the colonies compared, nor in the location and the inner structure of cells. How-ever, there were slight differences in cell size between the populations from warm and cold zones.

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