Allometric scaling of marbofloxacin pharmacokinetics: a retrospective analysis

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The association between physiologically dependent pharmacokinetic parameters (CLB, T1/2β, Vdss) of marbofloxacin and body weight was studied in eight animal species based on allometric equation Y = aWb, where ‘Y’ is the pharmacokinetic parameter, ‘W’ is body weight, ‘a’ is allometric coefficient (intercept) and ‘b’ is the exponent that describes relation between pharmacokinetic parameter and body weight. The body clearance of marbofloxacin has shown significant (P<0.0001) relation with size (Bwt) in various animal species. However, half-life and volume of distribution were not in association with body weight. Although half-life and volume of distribution were not in a good correlation with body weight, statistically significant association between the body clearance and body weight suggests validity of allometric scaling for predicting pharmacokinetic parameters of marbofloxacin in animal species that have not been studied yet. However further study considering large sample size and other parameters influencing pharmacokinetics of marbofloxacin is recommended.

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