Prevalence of subclinical endometritis in repeat breeding cows and mRNA expression of tumor necrosis factor α and inducible nitric oxide synthase in the endometrium of repeat breeding cows with and without subclinical endometritis

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Information on the prevalence of subclinical endometritis and its mechanism in repeat breeding cows is very limited. The aims of this study were: a) to evaluate the incidence of this disorder with cytobrush cytology b) to analyze mRNA expression of tumor necrosis factor α (TNFα) and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) in endometrial biopsy samples collected from repeat breeding cows with and without subclinical endometritis.

Two experiments were carried out. In experiment 1, 112 (12.4%) repeat breeding cows (inseminated at least 3 times and not pregnant) were selected out of 902 cows from 8 dairy herds. Cytobrush cytology was performed on these cows, using the threshold of 10% PMNs in uterine smears. The results showed that 45 out of the 112 cows (40.2%) were diagnosed as having subclinical endometritis. In experiment 2, uterine biopsy samples were taken from repeat breeding cows with subclinical endometritis (n = 10) and without this disorder (n = 10). Using reverse transcription- PCR, the mRNA expression of TNFα and iNOS was determined. A statistically significant increase in expression of both substances was measured in the group of cows with subclinical endometritis (p < 0.05).

These results provide evidence for a high prevalence of subclinical endometritis in repeat breeding cows as well as the involvement of TNFα and iNOS pathways in the regulation of this pathological condition.

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