Evaluation of the Surgical Treatment for Congenital Blepharoptosis Using Mustarde’s Modified Method

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The aim of the study was evaluation of the results of surgical treatment of congenital blepharoptosis (CBP) using Mustarde’s modified method.

Material and methods. Between 2005-2014 forty eight children with CBP underwent surgical correction of CBP by Mustarde’s modified method. Basing on the results of ophthalmic and orthoptic examination, and standard measurements, we estimated postoperative difference in the position and symmetry of the upper eyelids, and postoperative complications in our patients.

Results. Very good results were obtained in all cases with mild, in 89.5% with moderate, and in 85.7% with severe unilateral CBP after correction by Mustarde’s modified method. Lagophthalmos was seen in 6.25%, and undercorrection in 12.5% of cases.

Conclusions. 1. Mustarde’s modified method allows for obtaining very good functional and aesthetic results in CBP patients. 2. Mustarde’s modified method is a valuable supplemental surgical technique in CBP, and contributes to a low rate and small range of lagophthalmos.

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