Heterotopic Pancreas in the Stomach (Type II According to Heinrich) - Literature Review and Case Report

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Heterotopic Pancreas in the Stomach (Type II According to Heinrich) - Literature Review and Case Report

Heterotopic pancreas is a rare congenital disorder characterized by the presence of normal pancreatic tissue located outside the pancreas. The most common locations include the duodenum, stomach, and jejunum. Most cases of heterotopic pancreas are asymptomatic. However, the development of clinical symptoms depends on the size, location and pathological changes similar to those observed in case of the normal pancreas. The Authors presented a case of multiple stomach heterotopic pancreatic lesions in an adult male patient. The atypical clinical presentation including non-specific endoscopic and CT images were responsible for the misdiagnosis before surgery. The patient underwent surgery. The tumor located in the posterior wall of the body of the stomach was excised by wedge resection. The postoperative course proved uneventful. Proper diagnosis was established on the basis of the histopathological examination of the resected tumor: heterotopic pancreas-multiple lesions, type II, according to Heinrich. The presented case report demonstrated that heterotopic pancreas should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of gastric tumors.

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