Double Tract Reconstruction (DTR) - An Alternative Type of Digestive Tract Reconstructive Procedure After Total Gastrectomy - Own Experience

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Double Tract Reconstruction (DTR) - An Alternative Type of Digestive Tract Reconstructive Procedure After Total Gastrectomy - Own Experience

The only proven, effective therapy in case of the gastric cancers is surgery.

The aim of the study. The most common procedure which is made in such a situation is total resection of the stomach. In our publication we would like to present and to recommend a very rare made type of the reconstructive procedures after total gastrectomy, which is called "double tract reconstruction" (DTR). This type of reconstruction is occasionally made mainly in Japan.

Material and methods. Double tract reconstruction has been made in 2nd Department of General and Gastroenterological Surgery since 2000. Till today 75 patients were treated with this method.

Results. The frequency of complications after double tract reconstruction was occasional, and there were no differences between this procedure and Roux-en-Y method of the reconstruction. There were no differences in the time of the operation between this two methods. The most important advantage of this method is that duodenal passage is extant. Because of that the endoscopic examination of papilla Vateri can be made.

Conclusions. We would like to recommend this method as an alternative to Roux-en-Y procedure because of its simplicity and safeness.

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