Characteristics of Selected Quality Traits of Novel Cultivars of Pumpkin (Cucurbita Maxima Duch.)

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Only two cultivars of pumpkin: Melon Yellow and Bambino were cultivated in Poland for a long time. Novel cultivars of this species are a significantly more valuable raw material than the old ones. The objective of this study was to characterize four novel cultivars of pumpkin in terms of yielding, weight and size of fruits, contents of dry matter and extract, pH value, and to compare them with conventionally-grown cultivar Bambino. The study demonstrated a significant effect of the season on yielding, weight and size of fruits, as well as flesh color and chemical composition. The new hybrids and cultivars (771, 774 and Justynka F1) were characterized by considerably higher contents of dry matter and extract compared to Karowita and Bambino cultivars. Over 12 weeks of pumpkin fruits storage, no significant changes were observed in contents of dry matter and extract.

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