Composite coatings with nickel matrix and graphene as dispersed phase

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The paper presents the results of the studies of nickel-graphene composite coatings deposited by the electrochemical reduction method. A bath with low concentration of nickel ions, graphene as dispersed particles and organic compounds were used for deposition of the composite coatings nickel-graphene. The results of investigations of coatings deposited from the electrolyte containing 0.33, 0.5 and 1 g/dm3 graphene and two surface-active compounds were shown. The particles content in the coatings, the surface morphology, the cross-sectional structures of the coated samples, thickness and internal stresses were measured. Voltammetric method was used for examination of the corrosion resistance of samples of composite coatings in 0.5 M NaCl solution. The obtained results suggest that the content of incorporated graphene particles increases with an increasing amount of graphene in plating bath. The applications of organic addition agents was advantageous because it caused compressive stresses in the coatings. All of the nickel-graphene composite coatings had better corrosion resistance than the nickel coatings.

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